About Us

Our Story

          A veteran-owned company, USCI was founded in 2011 as US Building Innovations, a wholesale provider of hydrophobic surface coatings to architectural and shower glass manufacturers. To enable us to provide unrivaled products for the industries we served, we partnered with a development lab that specialized in research for the Department of Defense. We not only succeeded in developing unparalleled products that drove us to the forefront of hydrophobic surface technology. As a result of our partnership, we now manufacture and distribute a variety of technologies that were developed for the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and a wide array of industries.

          On our 9th anniversary, we changed our name to US Coating Innovations, to distinguish ourselves in the coatings industry and reflect our dedication to perfecting what we do best. Our team consists of material scientists, engineers, and university professors, both in our lab and on our advisory board, that have conducted research to help us develop the latest technologies to provide niche solutions. We actively pursue research opportunities and have current licensing and development partnerships to provide aerospace, anti-corrosion, marine, and anti-icing solutions.


Paint and Coatings Manufacturers
Research and Development in Nanotechnology

Retarders (e.g. flameproofing agents, mildewproofing agent)
Inhibitors (e.g. corrosion, oxidation, polymerization)
Fire retardant chemical preparations
Rust preventative preparations
De-icing preparations

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